Clue: On Stage

On a dark and stormy night six strangers arrive at a majestic mansion for dinner with a side of blackmail. Or so they think. When their mysterious host winds up dead, everyone is a suspect in the hilarious comedy based on the Hasbro board game and the 1985 Paramount Pictures motion picture.

Was it Mrs. Peacock with the lead pipe in the dining room? Or Mr. Green with the wrench in the kitchen? You’ll “die” laughing while you try to figure out WHODUNIT, with WHAT, and WHERE?

“CLUE is an athletic, uproarious 90-minute sprint.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The script is chockfull of deliciously groan-worthy one-liners and slapstick antics, and it serves up delightfully melodramatic over-embellishments of classic murder-mystery tropes.” – The News-Herald

Show rating: PG-13


Show Dates

May 13, 2022 - June 5, 2022

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Show Credits

Adapted from the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn
Additional material by Hunter Foster, Eric Price & Sandy Rustin