2022-2023 Season Auditions

Little Theatre of Virginia Beach will hold open auditions for actors to fill eight roles in Dracula, adapted by John L. Balderston and Hamilton Deane. The highly successful thriller is based on the novel of the same name by Bram Stoker. Directed by Sandra Epperson.



Monday, July 18 and Tuesday, July 19

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at LTVB

Callbacks, if needed, will be held Wednesday, July 20 at 7:00 pm.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Acting experience is not necessary, but role seekers should have a desire to share the experience of and commitment to live theatre and the enjoyment of collaborating with other talented individuals. Please bring a list of conflicts, your resume and a headshot (optional). We will take your picture when you arrive.
Rehearsals begin July 25. Rehearsals will be held at the Greenbriar Mall in Chesapeake until August 16.
Greenbriar Mall
1401 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Rehearsal dates/times will be determined by cast availability.
Dracula runs September 9 through October 2 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 2:30 pm. Actors must be available for all performances.
The play follows Lucy Seward, daughter of the physician in charge of a sanatorium near London, who is mysteriously anemic. Doctor Van Helsing, a family friend, suspects a vampire that roams the earth by night sucking the blood of victims to sustain its earthly life. With the help of Lucy’s father and her fiancé, Jonathan Harker, they search for the fiend among the sanatorium patients. They widen their search to include the new occupants of the estate next door, not wanting to leave any stone unturned in their quest to rid the world of the supernatural terror.
All roles are open. Listed ages of characters are not set in stone, but actors seeking the roles of Dr. Seward, Lucy, Harker, Renfield, and the maid should be capable of handling English dialect. Actors seeking the roles of Dracula and Van Helsing should be capable of handling a dialect depicting continental European ethnicity. The character of the attendant Martin Butterworth requires an ability to handle a working-class British cockney dialect.
Dr. Van Helsing -- A good friend of Dr. Seward's, who is called in when Lucy's condition cannot be identified. Van Helsing is familiar with vampires and Count Dracula in particular, and therefore able to organize a defense against him. An intellectual Victorian and a superhero of sorts. An alert manner, and air of resolution; clearly a scholar of broad knowledge, resourceful action, and incisive speech whose strategy is to catch Dracula off guard before he can raise all his defenses. However, Van Helsing must balance that against the need to slow down and convince others of the true peril before they will help defeat the vampire. Age range: 50+.
Dr. Seward -- A doctor who runs a sanatorium outside of London, and who has called for help when Lucy becomes seriously ill. A straightforward and intelligent scientist who has tremendous difficulty coming to terms with the supernatural truth about vampires. Age range: 40-50.
Jonathan Harker -- A young lawyer engaged to Lucy and very concerned about her mysterious illness. Handsome in appearance, a typical Englishman of the Public School class, but in manner direct, explosive, impulsive, and excitable. Age range: 25-30.
Dracula -- Polished, distinguished and charismatic, yet sexy, mysterious and menacing. Dracula's greatest strength is his patience born of immortality. Hundreds of years old but drinking the blood of the living renders him young and virile. He has great strength and the power to manipulate the minds of his victims. At times he is confident, polite, and sensual; at others he reveals pure, ruthless evil. He speaks in a nondescript Eastern European accent. Age range: 30-50.
Lucy Seward -- Dr. Seward's daughter. engaged to Jonathan Harker. She also looks exactly like a woman Dracula loved when he was mortal. His overwhelming desire to make Lucy his bride is what forces him to overreach and make himself vulnerable. Suffering from an unidentifiable illness, she is languid and vulnerable. Age range: early 20s-30.
Renfield -- A mental patient in Seward's asylum. A former solicitor, manipulated and used by Dracula. Obsessed with eating living things (such as rats, birds, and spiders). At times he seems insane, but in fact he is trapped between his hunger for Dracula’s immortality and his fear of eternal retribution. Age range: 25-40.
Martin Butterworth -– An attendant at Dr. Seward's sanatorium. Comic relief character perpetually pursuing Renfield after his escape attempts. Age range: 30-50.
Maid -- Servant who falls under Dracula's spell as he attempts to corrupt Lucy. Another comic relief character. Age range: Any.

Sides for review

Email director Sandra Epperson at sandra.l.epperson@gmail.com, subject: Dracula Audition. Please include your name and phone number. Please indicate if it is a mobile number or landline.