2022-2023 Season Auditions

Much Ado About Nothing Audition Info

Directed by Kay Lynn Perry
AUDITIONS: Mon. & Tues. Nov. 14-15 | 7:00-10:00 pm
CALLBACKS: Wed. & Thurs. Nov. 16-17 | 7:00-10:00 pm

FIRST READ-THRU: Sat. Nov. 19 | 9:00 am - Noon

Nov. 21-Dec. 22: Mon-Thurs 7-10 pm & Sat. 9am – Noon
Dec. 23 – 26: OFF
Dec. 27 – Jan. 12: Mon- Fri 7-10 pm & Sat. 9am – ?
(Except Dec. 31 - OFF)

PERFORMANCES: Jan. 13-15, 20-22, 27-29. Feb. 3-5

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Please prepare a Shakespearean monologue 1-2 minutes in length. You may use one of the Audition Monologues from the show, or choose one of your own liking.

Actors wishing to audition for the role of Balthasar should also prepare a 1-2 minute rap selection. Bring your own accompaniment recording and speaker.

Bring a headshot (or recent photo) and acting resume if you have one. Be prepared to inform us of any dates you may have in conflict with the above schedule when you complete the audition form.

SYNOPSIS: Beatrice and Benedick are sworn enemies, whom the meddling Don Pedro aims to trick into becoming lovers. Meanwhile, Don Pedro’s underling Claudio falls in love with Beatrice’s cousin, Hero. Don John then plots to disrupt that pairing. Lies and slanders make fine messes in Shakespeare’s comedy about the fragility of love.

QUESTIONS: Email kaylynnp@gmail.com

Character Descriptions

The Women
Leonata: Mother to Hero, wealthy homeowner with political connections. F, 50+, any ethnicity

Beatrice: Niece of Leonata. Romantic lead. Saucy, quick-witted, her sense of humor is a sharp weapon. F, 25-35, any ethnicity

Hero: Daughter of Leonata. Innocent ingenue. Script describes her as “dark” and “small,” both of which can be interpreted broadly. F, 18-24, any ethnicity

Ursula & Margaret: Hero’s BFFs. Young, prone to get into trouble. F, 16 24, any ethnicity

Sister Francis: Clergywoman. She’s seen it all. No-nonsense, and knows how to handle a crisis. F, 30+, any ethnicity

The Men
Don Pedro: Military commander. Powerful, confident, a true leader. M, 30-45, any ethnicity

Benedick: Military guy, under Don Pedro. Romantic lead. Swears he will forever remain a bachelor. A talker with a sharp wit. M, 25-35, any ethnicity

Claudio: Military guy, under Don Pedro. Young lover. Easily led and misled. M, 20-26, any ethnicity

Don John: Don Pedro’s brother, below Pedro’s rank. He is the Scar to Don Pedro’s Mufasa. Moody, brooding, bears a grudge. M, 25-50, any ethnicity

Boracchio: Don John’s right hand man. Up to no good. M, 18-35, any ethnicity

Dogberry: A chief of police, but he’s dumb as a rock. Who put this clown in charge of the night watch? M, 35+, any ethnicity

Any Sex/Ethnicity
Sexton: Minor bureaucrat who takes depositions. Intelligent. 25-45

Balthasar: Another of Don Pedro’s soldiers, a musician. Must be able to perform a rap. 18-35

Watchman: A low-ranking police officer. Sharper than Dogberry and wise enough to hide it. 25

Non-speaking ensemble members for the crowd scenes. 16+