An American Daughter

The Little Theater of Virginia Beach will hold auditions for An American Daughter on Monday and Tuesday, January 20 and 21 at 7:00 PM at the theater located at 550 Barberton Drive.  Auditions will consist of readings from the script.  Call backs will be held at the theater at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, January 22.  Headshots and resumes are encouraged, but not required. The show will be directed by veteran Kathy Strouse, and will run weekends from March 13 – April 5.

Wendy Wasserstein’s powerful play uses deftness, drama and humor to examine gender politics and different standards to which men and women continue to be held in our society.  Richly written characters explore modern feminism, marriage, friendship, politics and the media in this story of our times.

Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes is about to embark on the highlight of her career as the nominee for Surgeon General, but suddenly an off-hand remark in a puff piece interview threatens to derail

her hopes as the slip of the tongue becomes weaponized against her.  Her husband, best friend, neighbor and a young feminist rally to her defense, but it may not be enough.  Read more about the play at season.


Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes – 42, physician, wife, mother, women’s health advocate and daughter of a pro-life Senator. When an off-hand remark threatens to derail her nomination for Surgeon General, she tries to stay true to herself while navigating treacherous political waters and fending off a young feminist who does not scruple to make a play for her husband.

Walter Abrahmson – 47, liberal author and professor who feels overshadowed by his wife.  He is adrift, having written nothing for the past five years, and he welcomes the attentions of the young feminist and former student, but nonetheless fiercely defends his wife from the assaults of politicians and the media.

Dr. Judith B. Kaufman – 42, African American, acerbic, oncology specialist and best friend of Lyssa, who is questioning her life choices and her faith while treating patients and undergoing the latest round of failed in-vitro procedures in her desperate attempts to cheat death and create life.

Quincy Quince – 27, a young feminist and best-selling author, she is the former student of Walter, the husband of a woman she admires.  Quincy is about Quincy however, whether it means capitalizing on the controversy surrounding Lyssa’s nomination or making a play for her husband.

Morrow McCarthy – 30, a waspish and quick witted “Log Cabin Republican” columnist turned screenplay author who inadvertently lights the match to the fire of controversy that engulfs Lyssa’s nomination.

Timber Tucker – 45, a handsome, ambitious TV reporter whose segment on Lyssa takes an unexpected turn when an off-hand remark becomes the weapon of choice for those opposed to Lyssa’s nomination.

Senator Alan Hughes – 65, a long term conservative senator whose politics are polar opposites to his daughter Lyssa’s.  He must walk a fine line trying to answer to his constituents while supporting his daughter.

Charlotte “Chubby” Hughes – 60, the not at all chubby fourth wife of the Senator might be easy to dismiss as an arm candy cardboard cutout, but has moments of surprising perception and wisdom.

Billy Bobbins – 28, “Spin Control” staffer from Senator Hughes’ office who is brought in for damage control as Lyssa and friends try to salvage her nomination.

Jimmy – 23, Cameraman for Timber Tucker

Voice of Nicholas – 10, Lyssa and Walter’s son.

For further information contact Kathryn Strouse @KJstrouse,, or 757-630-1214.