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LTVB volunteers are always busy creating new and fun things to share. We hope you engage with us from the comfort of your home. Stay up-to-date with our tap skills and drills series!

Skills & Drills - Lesson 1

Karen Buchheim - LTVB director, choreographer and performer - created a series of tap dance videos. Lesson 1 is perfect for beginners and those who need a refresher.

Skills & Drills - Lesson 2

In Karen Buchheim's second lesson, you will learn more beginner steps. Plus, she'll introduce you to her very own tap dance "language."

Skills & Drills - Lesson 3

Instructor Karen Buchheim adds new steps and new combinations. In this lesson, you'll practice the classic tap combination "shuffle ball change."

Skills & Drills - Lesson 4

New steps and new combinations by Instructor Karen Buchheim. It's getting fun now! Five, six, seven, eight.....

Skills & Drills - Lesson 5

Instructor Karen Buchheim keeps you on your toes in this lesson. Popular combinations including "paradiddle" and "shim sham" are introduced. Happy tapping!

Skills & Drills - Lesson 6

We are back with yet another fabulous installment of Karen Bucheim's Skills and Drills Video series featuring her fabulous tap smarts sure to put some spring in your kick ball change!