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Do you want to become involved in community theatre?

Did you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to get a show ready to go? By the time one show finishes, another is already under way. As soon as one show closes, we begin work on building the set for the next show.

See our calendar for opportunities to help out.

Sign up for our email lists to stay current on volunteer opportunities.

Set Construction
Every night the first week beginning the night immediately after the previous show closes. Show up at 7:00 and lend a hand. We've got the tools, we need the builders.

Light up the Stage
Would you like to run the light (or sound) board for a show? If you'd like to but don't know how, don't worry; we'll teach you.

Like Decorating?
Be a part of the magic as a set comes together and transforms from chaos to reality at the hands of our set designer (we surprise ourselves sometimes).

Sew What???
Handy with a needle and thread? Our costumer would be happy to have your talents.

Be an Usher
How do you get to hand out those program things? Volunteer to be an USHER, that's how, and see the show for free.

We have committees that cover every facet of running the Little Theatre: socials, Volunteer of the Year, play reading, and publicity, just to name a few, on which volunteers may serve.


The Little Theatre of Virginia Beach does not and will not share your information with anyone. The information provided is strictly for the use of Little Theatre of Virginia Beach.

Email or call 428-9233 to be an LTVB VOLUNTEER. Please let us know your areas of interest from the above list.