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The Game's Afoot (Or Holmes for the Holidays)

By Ken Ludwig

Directed by Kay Burcher

Show dates: January 15 - February 7, 2016

Audition dates: November 16 & 17

The Director is looking for character actors in a wide range of ages who are fast learners, understand comic timing. The play takes place in 1936 so knowledge of that era including posture will be a positive.

There are eight characters in the show. Needed are a male and a female who can play 20-somethings, a male and a female playing 40's, a male playing 50's, a woman playing 70's, and two females who can be anywhere between 30's to 50's.

For auditions, cold scene readings from the script will be used. In addition, please prepare a one minute monologue from your favorite Shakespearean play.


William Gillette - a 50-something actor based on the real-life William Gillette who was a star of the American Stage in the early 20th century. He wrote the play Sherlock Holmes in collaboration with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and played in New York and London for 1300 performances over the course of 30 years. He is smart, good-natured, full of irony and life. He plays Holmes in the first scene.

Martha Gillette - William's mother, in her 70's, is somewhat vague and dithering. She loves her son greatly and would do anything for him, including murder.

Felix Geisel - 40's, he is histrionic and arch in a Lionel Barrymore/Sir Toby Belch sort of way. He is married to Madge and both of them have worked for William for a number of years. He had a fling with Daria.

Madge Geisel - 40's, she is flamboyant and wry in a Rosalind Russel gal-about-town sort of way. She is married to Felix and played Marian in scene one. She and her husband have worked with William for years and they are all good friends.

Simon Bright - 20's, sweet, affectionate, good-natured, enthusiastic, married to Aggie. He plays Count Zerlinksy in scene one.

Aggie Wheeler - 25, beautiful, bright-eyed, full of spunk and life. Married to Simon, but once had a fling with William or wanted to. She plays Alice in the first scene.

Inspector Goring - Somewhere between 40 and 50, she is British, eccentric and one of a kind. One minute she seems very clever and next she's off in a world of her own. She gets things wrong without even knowing it, yet she seems just the sort to know when you're lying. That makes her formidable.

Daria Chase - She is between 30-50, glamorous, gorgeous, and one of those "can't take your eyes off of" women. In spite of her show-biz cattiness, you can't help but like, or at least, admire her as she invented herself from the ground up. She has a great sense of humor. Had a fling with Felix.

If you have questions, please contact the director at