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Olympus on My Mind

A Musical
Suggested by "Amphitryon" by Henrich Von Kleist

Book and Lyrics by Barry Harman
Music by Grant Sturiale

Directed by Robert Shirley

Production Dates: January 13 - February 5
Audition Dates: November 14 & 15, 7:00 p.m.
Callbacks: November 16, 7:00 p.m.

Prepare a vocal selection (app. 1 minute) in your range that demonstrates your best vocal performance. Be aware that you may be stopped before you finish a complete song. If you want to ensure that you get to the best part, cut your music accordingly. An accompanist will be provided, OR you may bring your own accompaniment. A CD player and an iPod dock will be provided. You may be checked for vocal range as well.

Since all characters do not need to dance, dance ability will be assessed at callbacks.

Cold readings of the script will be requested as needed.

(Note: Casting decisions will be announced by Friday, November 18th by email, text, or telephone.)

A read-through/rehearsal is scheduled for Saturday, November 19th at 10 a.m. at the theatre.

Olympus on My Mind is a funny, heart-warming musical based on the Greek Amphitryon myth. The entire event transpires in a 41-hour day. The action begins when Jupiter (king of the gods) spies a beautiful young woman in Thebes. He decides to come down to earth from Mount Olympus in the form of her husband, General Amphitryon, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Thebian army at war with Sparta. After Jupiter spends a passionate night with Alcmene, Amphitryon's wife, the general returns from the war after a year of battle only to hear his wife say, "Back so soon?" Mayhem ensues as the play unfolds.

A cast of nine skillfully maneuvers through the story taking liberties with classic Greek comedy format.

JUPITER* - A Greek god in the first flush of eternal middle age, Jupiter has the makings of a great deity, but has not yet fulfilled his potential. He can be childish, stubborn, and selfish - but we must always sense his inherent goodness. (Strong high baritone)

GENERAL AMPHITRYON* - Commander-in-Chief of Thebes, a military man in his prime. Amphitryon first appears as the classic braggart soldier, but in the end proves himself to be a true hero, capable of enormous self-sacrifice. (Strong high baritone)

(* The roles of Jupiter and General Amphitryon are played by the same actor.)

MERCURY - Wing-footed messenger of the gods, in his early twenties, Jupiter's son and cohort. While he enjoys making mischief, he often acts as the parent, and Jupiter seems like the child. (Strong high baritone)

ALCMENE - A beautiful, sensuous woman in her twenties, wife to General Amphitryon. Alcmene enjoys her relationship with her husband and values her reputation as a virtuous woman. (Soprano)

SOSIA - A woebegone middle-aged servant, slave to General Amphitryon. Sosia is intended as a role for a clown, someone capable of casting a cynically humorous eye at the insane world he inhabits. Husband of Charis. (Baritone character voice)

CHARIS - A shrewish, middle-aged servant, slave to Princess Alcmene. Charis purports to be a woman of great dignity and high moral character, but she is actually quite common and seethes in secret lust. Wife of Sosia. (Strong alto belt)

THE CHORUS - (Tom, Dick, and Horace) -- Singing, tap-dancing, actors who double as multiple characters of Thebes. Good voices, comic timing, and ability to move are critical. (Baritones)

DELORES - An adorably dizzy, curvaceous woman of indeterminate age.Delores is a former topless showgirl from Lake Tahoe whose husband, Murray the Furrier, finances the show, allowing Delores to join the chorus, even though she "can't really sing, act, or dance." Delores must have a capable alto voice, good movement ability, and excellent acting with strong comedic timing. (Alto)

Please direct audition questions to