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The Royal Family

by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber

Directed by Christopher Bernhardt

Audition Dates:
Monday, March 17th and Tuesday, March 18th at 7PM.
Callbacks: Wednesday, March 19th at 7PM.

Production Dates:
May 16 - June 8

Auditions will consist of Cold Readings. Please bring with you all conflicts from March 17th - June 8th. Headshots and Resumes are always nice to have but are not required.

Synopsis: A thinly-veiled portrait of the legendary Barrymore's; the Cavendish clan comprises three generations of legendary American actors: dowager Fanny Cavendish, widow of the premier actor of his day, who at seventy is planning an upcoming tour; brother Herbert, a histrionic player now in his decline; Fanny's daughter Julie, at the height of her Broadway fame, and son Tony who has forsaken the stage for Hollywood. Heralding the third generation of players, Julie's daughter Gwen is just beginning a promising ingenue career. When Tony rushes home only to flee to Europe, escaping the attentions of a Polish movie star and Gwen shocks the family by marrying a "non-professional", it seems the Cavendish name and reputation is threatened. Through it all, Fanny rules with a combination of strength, wit, courage, and a sharp tongue, proving that the "show" indeed, "must (and will) go on". This production will be looking to play up the wit and melodrama and hold true to the parody of this legendary family.


Fanny Cavendish: (60s - 70s): Matriarch of the Cavendish Family. Great stage actress. Managerial, pungent, rather magnificent. Given to domineering and reminiscence. Nothing goes on in the family that Fanny doesn't already know about and have a possible knowledge of. Nothing gets by her.

Julie Cavendish: (40s): Beautiful, elegant, mature. Stage actress, daughter of Fanny Cavendish, mother of Gwen.

Anthony Cavendish: (20s-30s) - Actor. Dramatic, elaborate, deliberate. Brother of Julie Cavendish, son of Fanny Cavendish. Wild, Heart Breaker, Trouble maker of the Family.

Gwen Cavendish: (early 20s) - Stage actress. Lovely. Perhaps less of a "Cavendish" than the rest of the family.

Herbert Dean: (50s) Very dressy. Excellent actor beginning to show his age. A bit self-centered. Fanny's brother.

Kitty Dean: (Late 40s but does not believe it) - An actress for many years, but never more than mediocre. Temperamental. Brash. Herbert's wife.

Oscar Wolfe: (60s) - The Cavendish manager. A figure of authority. Dressed to a picturesque richness. Altogether the entrepreneur.

Gilbert Marshall: (Late 40s) - Quiet, dominant, successful businessman. He gives the effect of power and control. Old acquaintance/love interest of Julie Cavendish.

Perry Stewart: (Mid- Late 20s) - Personable, young man. Gwen's boyfriend.

Della: (40s to 60s) - Maid to the Cavendish family. Intelligent enough to cope with the often surprising situations that arise in the Cavendish household. Has been with the family for years and knows the ups and downs of the family and the house.

Jo: (30s to 60s) - Houseman to the Cavendish family.

McDermott: (20s - 30s) - Trainer for the Cavendish family. Former boxer.

Miss Peake: Gwen's baby's nurse.

Gunga: Tall sinister East Indian servant of Tony.

Hallboy: (Late teens to Early 20s)

Chauffer: (Early 20s)

**Any Questions, Please contact the Director: Christopher Bernhardt at**