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A View From The Bridge

by Arthur Miller

Directed by Kay Lynn Perry

Production Dates: March 17th - April 9th
Audition Dates: January 16th & 17th @ 7:00pm
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script

Character breakdown:

Eddie Carbone: Male, age 35-45, a longshoreman, so he's strong but not ripped. Dark hair. Of Italian descent. May be slightly overweight. Wants to be able to control the people around him, and thinks he is the king of his castle. Doesn't see his own weakness, which is a lack of self-control and self-knowledge.

Beatrice Carbone, his wife: Female, age 35-45. Dark hair. Of Italian descent. Able to restrain Eddie's temper, most of the time. Beginning to be overlooked by Eddie. She and Eddie have raised their niece Catherine as their own.

Catherine, their niece: Female, age 16-18, dark hair. Of Italian descent. Attractive but naive. Just beginning to stretch her wings into adulthood. Falls for Rodolpho.

Marco: Male, age 25-45, undocumented Italian immigrant, dark hair and complexion. Very strong & in good physical condition. Respectful, cautious, hard worker. Keeps his head down, but responds with strength when threatened. Watches out for his younger brother. Strong Italian accent.

Rodolpho, his brother: Male, age 19-25, undocumented Italian immigrant, but very blonde and fair-skinned. Must be able to sing, preferably tenor. Talented, flirtatious, fun-loving, full of the possibilities of life. Not serious and not aware when others are laughing at him. Strong Italian accent.

Alfieri: Male, age 25-65, dark hair or could be bald. Of Italian descent. The narrator and sometime adviser to Eddie. A lawyer. Very intelligent but sad. Powerless to stop the story from unfolding.

Louis and Mike: Males, age 25-55. Two longshoremen, of Italian descent. Dark hair or could be graying. Coworkers, neighbors, and friends of Eddie.

Tony: Male, age 35-50, of Italian descent. Part of an illegal ring of immigrant smugglers, a tough guy.

Mr. Lipari: Male, age 40+, dark hair or could be bald. Of Italian descent. Neighborhood butcher. Probably paunchy.

Mrs. Lipari: Female, age 40+, dark hair. Of Italian descent. Mr. Lipari's wife.

Two "submarines": Males, under 40, undocumented Italian immigrants.

Two immigration officers, Dominick and Charley: Males, 25-55, not Italian.

Neighbors: Mix of males and females, all ages, all of Italian descent.

In general, don't worry if you don't completely look the part ... but be willing to dye your hair for the role.

Please direct any audition questions to the Director at