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Open auditions will be held at 7pm on March 20th and 21st with call backs, if needed, on Wednesday, March 23rd. Readings from the script will be used for auditions. Scripts or sides will be provided. Please bring conflict dates. I am looking for people who don't have a lot of conflicts as this is an ensemble show.


Rehearsals will tentatively be held Monday through Thursday from 7-10pm and on Saturdays from 10am - 1pm. This could change depending on cast conflicts. This is an ensemble show so, except for a few people, the women should expect to be there most of the time.

Show Dates

There will be 13 performance dates for this show. We have added an extra performance to make up for a missed performance of The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 due to the flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

Show dates are:

  • Fridays and Saturdays of May 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, June 2, 3 at 8pm
  • Saturday May 27th at 2:30pm
  • Sundays of May 13, 21, 28 and June 4th at 2:30pm


This play revolves around a group of ladies who are in the WI (Women's Institute-a community-based organization for women). They rally around one of their own (Annie) to shoot a nude calendar to help raise money for a settee (sofa) for the waiting room of the hospital where John, Annie's husband, got his cancer treatments and eventually passed away. They each have their own baggage but they help each other to overcome and preserver. Annie and Chris must also resolve their conflict that arises over the sale of the calendar. It is a play full of love, laughter and tears.


The first six characters (Chris, Annie, Cora, Jessie, Celia and Ruth) all appear in the calendar and, as such, should be willing to appear nude onstage. Props will be used strategically to cover all essential parts, so that no one will actually be totally nude. If I can't find women willing to do this, I will consider using pasties, body suits, etc. to make everyone comfortable, but I am hoping that there women out there who are willing to "bare it all".

Character Descriptions

Chris (50's) - Chris is the life of the party and loves to be the center of attention. She is at home anywhere and she can talk to anyone. She loves to laugh and to get others to laugh. She is Annie's best friend and helps keep Annie from being a saint. Chris is Ms. October (Flowers).

Annie (50's) - Annie will join in the mischief but is more of a conformist and less confrontational than Chris. She is very much in love with her husband, John. She is Ms. February (tea pot and china cup/saucer).

Cora (40's) - Cora's past is eclectic. She is the joker in the pack, but never plays the fool. She is deadpan and raises laughter in the group but not in herself. Coral should be able to carry a tune as she leads the girls in song and it would be great if she can play the piano. She is Ms. July (piano).

Jessie (late 60's/70's) - Jessie is a retired teacher. If she liked you, she was great, but don't get on her bad side. Jessie loves life; she goes on rollercoasters. Bravery is her elixir of life. She is Ms. January (knitting).

Celia (35-50) - She is more at home in a department store than a church hall. At the WI, she feels like she drifted in from another world. She is enamored of Jessie but Jessie doesn't really have time for her. Celia is a little rebellious which Jessie admires. She is Ms. September (buns) and so should have bigger "buns" than the other ladies.

Ruth (40's) Ruth starts with no self-confidence at the beginning of the show buts that slowly changes. She adores her husband and wants to do whatever he does until she finds out he's cheating on her. She is eager to please, especially Marie, the WI leader. She wants everyone to be happy and tries to make that happen. But she does have spine, as we discover later. She wears a rabbit costume and is Ms. November (marmalade).

Marie (50's) - is the current leader of the WI and is very defensive. She moved to Cheshire at one point, but found they didn't like her, so moved back. There is some part of her that would love to be on the calendar, but she can no longer let that part of her out.

John (50's) - John is Annie's husband. He is a human sunflower. Everyone wants to be around him, but he is not a saint, nor a hero. When he dies it feels like someone somewhere turned a light out. John has to go from full head of hair to bald during the show because of the chemotherapy treatments.

Rod (50's) - Rod is Chris's husband. Rod can give as good as he gets which serves him well with Chris. He has a deadpan humor which makes Chris laugh. He drinks, but is not an alcoholic. He is a workaholic when it comes to his shop. John is his best friend even though they met through their wives.

Lawrence (20's) - Lawrence is a shy young man, but still has enough spirit to show up at the WI to take the nude photos for the calendar. When he is taking the photos, he is around nudity, but never sees it, only the photo he is taking.

Lady Cravenshire (60's) - She is patronizing - not because she thinks she better than the rest of the WI ladies, but because they seem to come from a different world - the world of her estate workers. She makes her entrances like a galleon and dresses to kill.

Elaine (20's) - Elaine is a makeup artist for the washing powder photo shoot. She is also patronizing, but for a different reason. All the WI ladies seem to come from the world of her grandmother, especially Jessie.

Liam (late 20's) - a weary, wish-he-was-doing-something-else, photographer for commercials (i.e. washing powders). He is not rude, but we can tell he would like to be doing anything other than shooting a commercial with these women.